Class, Discuss.

My PC is heavy. It's not useful to carry because it was not designed to carry out. So I was reluctant to bring my PC to my college. I have iPhone. I can use it to see information on the Internet. Why did I bring out my PC? I had a class of information technology and management. We discussed how to improve the operation of imaginary company. I'm good at saying something good not many but a few. Yesterday I could do well too. I wonder I was too good to keep? But it's not problem. I have only to do my best anytime.



I didn't do many things yesterday. It was not bad day, but I didn't do a lot. I overslept, later I used skype to call and chat, then I went to Kitasenju. I ate some. I talked about politic with my girlfriend at McDonald's. "Education is important." I said. But I think economics is the first thing to deal with by the government. If our country's economy will be better, many problems will go away. In order to achieve economical growth, we may need Inflation.



I played the guitar only 30 minutes in the studio yesterday. I taught before going to the studio, and I mistook the time to finish the class.



I ate grapes. They were Kyohou. So delicious they were! We bought it at the convenience store. I was surprised to buy such a good grapes at the place. Of course we paid a bit higher.



I went to Okubo hospital again yesterday. I told I have the disease. After that, I went to Harajuku, to eat dumpling again. They were delicious. I ate ice at Lotteria. It was not good.



I read a series of comics, Kabuku mono(かぶくもの), to volume 7 yesterday. Showing the title of the comics, these are a story related to Kabuki(歌舞伎). I know nothing about Kabuki, but I'm interested that.


The Aim

What is my delight? Where is my happiness? What should I put as the aim of my life? Who is I wanna be? What is I wanna be? I may or may not know answers to these questions. I need to think. I need to talk. I often feel anxiety. I don't need to feel anxiety. I feel to defeat someone and to be No1. I don't need to compete someone. Everyone is great and No1, so we can't decide the greatest. All I need to be is the greatest in my mind. Whenever what I have to defeat is only myself. Don't forget. Your enemy is you. It's what I'm thinking now.


I Am Sam Soundtrack

"I Am Sam Soundtrack" is good music disk. Beatles tunes are covered by famous musicians for the movie " I Am Sam". And these are in this disk. I haven't study English recently, so I wonder It's good to learn these tunes' lyrics. Learning English is one of my goal in this year.


I'm Only Sleeping

When I wake up early in the morning, stand by, and go to bed again. Don't spoil my day. I wanna have many, but I can't concentrate so things pass through me. Nothing left. Live slowly and take it easy. It may be the way to live well.



Humans are different each other. My opinion is not majority usually. I wanna know everything in the world, but little one think like me in my around. On the Internet, I realize I'm not minority. I wonder I read thoughts like me only, or I have become to think like what I read. God, please bless me!



Buying a bag disturbed my mind. Disorder occurred. I'm not used to buy something to wear. I wanted to overcome. And bought it. What have you done? John Lennon sang. What have I done? World is changin'. Can't we say the answer is blowing in the wind now?


Kobayashi Hideo

I like writing by Kobayashi Hideo(小林秀雄). His work I met first was Mujo to iukoto(無常という事) in my high school Japanese language textbook. I was amazed to read it. His line was beautiful. Yesterday suddenly I wanted to read his words, and went to buy a book. I couldn't remember the feeling and experience in my first encounter of it, but there remained his good writing. I am becoming to recognize more that Japanese minds, or, the classics, are important. I will leave in the future, but I don't want Japan to depress. I think we can do.



I taught junior high school student science (and some student math) yesterday. I think I know well about physics, and chemistry which I know less than physics but better than others, biology and earth science. Junior high school science contains these 4 part, so I learned biology and earth science. I like theoretical things so I think I like physics and chemistry, but study more and more, biology and chemistry looks interesting for me. Maybe my brain have changed. But I think all the things which someone likes in the world must be interesting when you study well.



Sou(爽) is delicious. I like it! I ate muscat flavor yesterday. It is so hot these days that ice cream and like that makes me feel happy more. I took a nap yesterday. Breezing made me sleep so comfortable. I was in a golden slumber.



I'm sorry, this article is not about animation but my daily life. I worked long time yesterday. I got to my office about 9 o'clock and left around 22 o'clock. I taught 5 students. Almost all of them were taught mathematics by me, but one of them studied English. I'm a college student majoring in algebra. So I am good at math and I can teach them. But English is different for me. Now I enjoy to study English, but in my high school days I don't like this subject and am not good at it. Poorness of English is one of the reasons why I missed to pass the exam to enter University of Tokyo. So I feel sorry to the student in somewhere on my mind anytime to teach. I will study more!



I went to the national art center, Tokyo. There were being famous pictures in the exhibition. Pictures drawn by Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Seuret were splendid. Good picture makes me breeze deeper, like in a forest, I thought.


Gouter de Roi

I visit a valley and Tama river. I read a book there. Walking along the river, I got to Tama river station. Taking a train, having dumplings, and bought rusks on GOUTER de ROI. They are simple and delicious.



I taught a junior high school student English yesterday. Then I went to Kitasenju and ate chicken cutlet and rice. Going to travel agency and book store. I planned where I will go next month. Vietnam is one of my planning destination.


Wasting Time

I overslept yesterday. My bed made me so comfortable that I couldn't get out of there. Then I read book but the pace was very slow. I played a game using my iPhone. I solved over 400 puzzles. I even watched TV show on my PC. RG is something.


Trigonometric Function

I taught a 9 grade student trigonometric function yesterday. He learnt smoothly. Functions are convenience if you can use. After teaching, which finished about noon, I visited a bookstore and bought three books. I don't know biology and earth science very much so I will study. Getting back home, I slept when CD about English words learning were being played. Life doesn't change so quickly.


Daily Life

I spent yesterday on doing various trivial things. I wrote and submitted report of mathematical history. I went to a post office for my insurance. I watched Live DVD of Stone Roses and syrup16g. I typed my payment on my household accounts. I wrote my diary. I couldn't do everything what I expected to do yesterday, so I will handle remains today.



I left the hospital yesterday. I had been there for 8 days. It was strange days. When I came back home, some things seems to be other things what they were before I hospitalized. I realize I have forgotten many things. I love my life. But some things need to change. I have to answer to satisfy them. "What you have to do is to do only." Morita said. I wonder I need some help. I will live like what I want to be. It's the goal of my life.



I had read a book which title is "Ikigai ni tsuite", meaning considering about Life, written by Kamiya Michiko yesterday. I had picked it up at the library in the hospital. Though I know nothing about this book, it looked good, and it's good as it looks. Good reading experience always makes me feel better. Something go down in my stomach and it's comfortable for me. In this book, it is said that psychological movement, like drawing, writing Haiku, playing music instruments, thinking about math, and so on, can often help our lives. The man who want nothing but pleasure of doing itself is the man who truly want and need to study.



I went to the library in this hospital and borrow two books. The library is very small but there are many books enough for me there.
I went out yesterday. Outside was very hot as usual. "It is fall from today on the calendar." A nurse said. But street still hot. I ate ice cream.



I bought iPhone palmistry application. Using it, I read my hand and other's. The app said I'm erudite. Maybe it's true, but maybe not.
I'm so free. I read words book, but lacking of concentration, I proceeded slowly. Everything flowed slow and days have gone fast. I haven't felt something is wrong. I think I can live in the countryside.


Word Book

I linger in the hospital. Actually, I should be permitted to go out. Nothing is prohibited and Everyone would approve. My assignment defer and can't earn. I will resume teaching next Wednesday. Plus, I have to submit a report of math history. Here in the hospital is cozy and seems like a toll-free time, but it's not true. Nap don't fascinate me. There are some temptations. Refill my concentration.



I have been in an hospital at Shinjuku. My girlfriend came here and said, "I'm sad... Why was another girl written in the blog, but I haven't?" Hey, pudding and busse you brought was delicious. I thank you. But, writing like that, she don't read this blog usually.
I learned a few English words. I disliked learning new words using words book before, especially in my high school days. But it's fun these days. Everything is fun if you study enough.



My kidney was examined yesterday. At first, I was injected and made a way to instill something. Next, catheter was entered into my urethra. That's painful but less than that I expected. Finally, kidney biopsy went on. Anesthetizing my back several times, needle penetrated my body and my doctor shot the tip. Then my back was pressed in order to stop to flood my blood. After the operation, I had to keep my body stopping. I lied on my back on the bed, but 19 hours stay are too long for me to reach. I moved. There seemed nothing bad. I am lucky.



I'm in hospital now. I ate lunch and dinner here, and slept. Meal is not bad but good for me. I went out once and bought some foods at convenience store. But the foods don't need for me. They are still in my closet. I e-mailed old friend at night. I wanna talk more, but time had gone. It's a pity. Did I talk smoothly? The act is my will and hope. I had a good time. Henceforth, I will do fitting with my will and saying.



We, my two friends and I, climbed Mt.Fuji by car to see it. It is so misty yesterday that we can't see its shape and figure. The reason we climbed is to see it's figure, but we can't. We're sorry. Going down the mountain, we went to Fujinomiya which is known as a place where Fujinomiya-yakisoba is eaten. Of course we ate yakisoba, plus okonomiyaki, at Uruoitei. These are delicious, indeed, but I didn't amaze. It's good but not so far original. The best food during this trip is raw fish and rice. Fish are so good everywhere I ate.


Experience of Diving

I went half a way of other side. It has two aspect; world of under the sea and dead. I was swimming with air bottle on my rear. So I think I could breath in the sea, but not! Instructor said, "You can breath as long as you put this into your mouth. Don't put it out, or you would drown. Ok. Let's go!" But I can't breath!! I frightened so much. I feel I would be dead if I went to the deep sea this condition. So, I said "...I'm waiting here." After that I can breath in the sea. Then we landed. 20 minutes had gone very quickly. I gurked, burped, and belched.