I went overhaul yesterday. After that I went to Kichijoji and Softbank shop. I didn't change my phone but I enjoyed to talk. Next I visited Shibuya, Apple Store. There my iPhone was changed for free. So happy I was!


Slow Starter

I went to my old office to get some with suit. I had to do several things but I was slow to start. It is my false and I have to improve it.



I went to my college to take a certification of bachelor degree. I am leaving this college. Then I rode a train, East-West line, and saw my grandparents.



It was windy today. We went to Nippori, ate pasta and coffee, and went back. Next I played DQ8. It was so good...



Dragon Quest 8 is fun. I played DQ5 for the first time when my elementary school days. It was very good stories and I memorized it very deeply in my heart. The game was bought by my father for me. I had played RPG first with it, and I was charmed. I like to level up us now.



I bought two games, Dragon Quest VIII and Ico. I hadn't gone out for three days, and until night yesterday. I thought it is important to do something. Doing nothing is waste my mind. So I bought games. I like reading, but I like doing games too. Game takes me much time so I keep them away usually, but I have a lot of time now. Such a time make me feel "how good my works begin earlier!" I'll enjoy, both pastime and working.



I didn't know when the sun rose. When I got up the sun was on the west side. I know time is finite, but what do I want to do? I have a lot of time. Too much time spoil the man.



I played games on Ubuntu. Sudoku and Mines are included this OS at the beginning and I enjoyed them. I cleared easy, medium, hard and very hard mode on Sudoku, then I finished playing it and started to play Mines. I spent some hours, but I felt hollow. So I ended doing them and began to read some articles. Reading one, I found a English learning website. We can be tested how many words we have and use every course to learn free in twenty-four hours. I challenged. The test said that I know 12,374 words of the 20,000 most frequent words. I wanna get the honor who knows all the 20,000 words.



I read articles on the Internet in the evening. I didn't have much power to do something. Doing that the day had gone.


Sleeping iPhone

My iPhone has gone again. Error 1015 was displayed and I was not able to avoid it and fix my iPhone. It's not good. I wanna use it. So I am thinking to buy new one, but it is expensive. Do you know how much it costs? If you want SIM free model, about 80,000 yen. Too high to pay for me now! We can buy used one in some shop. It is often 3G or 3GS and costs more than 30,000 yen. Or, Softbank sells them cheaper, with some limitation. It's not bad but I haven't use my phone over 2 years, so I don't have so much advantage. What should I do?



I went to Matsudo, where I went to work, teaching, and ate some. I was unlucky because MOS couldn't serve us a shake with brown rice flake. It is delicious. Tomita syokudou is the place where I went to eat the day. Small space filled with smells of good stock of bonito.



I took a nap because it was cold and I didn't have much about what I had to do and wanted to do. Then I remembered the words.
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
This rhythm don't seem so good for me, but this phrase make me realize something. It was said by Gandhi. I like this attitude.
"Where there is a will, there is a way." is also the phrase I love. This rhyme is much better and easy to say.


Going Out

I went to the hospital. I was able to arrive there one hour earlier. I needed to do so to be checked up. So I had time and went to my college to get a certificate of my graduate. There were few person, and my professor wasn't there. I wanna see him before I leave the college. I was able to have a seat in train because there were not so much people.



I am reading "Word Power Made Easy". The book teaches us word origins so we can remember words well.



Twitter is good in the disaster. Seeing timeline bring us a lot of information. We could make sure that he/she was fine with Facebook and so on. We couldn't call but were able to use the Internet. Few years before we couldn't do like it. I realize the world has been changing.


Traffic Jam

I didn't want to drive because traffic must be heavy and I didn't want to hinder people who need to use the way. But I had to do. Train didn't work well so I had to bring my mother and grandma to Matsudo station. Not once, but twice. It was not good for my heart.


Nuclear Power Plant

My country is the only country in which atomic bomb was dropped. So many people has a fear of nuclear. We all pray there would occur no bad things in Fukuoka.



I was in my bed during a class. I hadn't seen what speakers said in the morning class, so I needed to sleep. But I realized that class may be good when I saw a paper handed out the class. Whichever choice I made, I couldn't do both.



The huge earthquake occurred. I felt the earth move under my feet. Many things were shaken. It was awful.



I felt sleepy. It was third day of the course and that was hard for my limbs, so I need to rest a little more.


General Class

I am staying Hiroike now and listened lessons all day. Many people said that lessens were better when he came before, but, this time, he didn't think so good. Umm... I wanna hear good stories because I have to be here anyway.



I went to Haneda airport by car and I was stuck in traffic jam again. I drove about four hours. I think It is not so good and the action is much useless. Should we go by train or bus the nearest to the destination? If traffic was always light, I don't care. But...



I had Ramen (ラーメン, Chinese noodle) and Shogayaki (生姜焼き, ginger-flavored slices of grilled pork) in Japan! I realized I do came back to Japan when I was eating them. I do be back home, because I thought that I had wasted time the day.



My journey had gone. This was the day to go to my homeland, Japan. I talked many people. They were a lot of fun. I wanna learn more. I wanna need to talk to many people. It will be very precious time for me. Thanks, a lot, for the people being concerned with me.



In Beijing, English was not so useful because there were few people to speak it. I liked some places with lake. We could see many Chinese playing cards. There were many people in this city, and most of them looked happy. There were many beautiful women.



I left Southeast Asia. I had to go to Suvaranabhumi airport to ride on for Beijing. I ate breakfast at Wi-Fi free cafe, where I was able to watch Madoka☆Magica. This is the only animation I am watching this season. I got Beijing at one o'clock, so I needed to exchange by not good rate. Furthermore I had to take a taxi to my accommodation and it costs much. I appreciated the taxi driver because I was not assure of the place where I would stay and he took me there, in stead of the fact that he couldn't speak English and was hard to communicate to me, but I didn't wanna pay about half of all my Chinese money.



I decided the day to buy souvenir. In order to buy something for my friends, I walked up and down Khao San Road many times. During walking, I ate some. The day came lightning and then rain. I forgot to take my laundry and ran to my staying, soaked with rain.



I went to Ayutthaya. Train costs only 15B, which is about 45 Japanese yen, and took about two hours.



I return to Bangkok by good bus. I was served some drink and foods in bus for the first time. So good it was! I drunk something, the name of which may be "Mixed Everything". It tasted herbal and fruity.


Ban Thai

I left Sukhothai, where I stayed too long but I love, and for Koan Kean. I wanna go Laos, so I went there. The bus I took was so old and awful. I boarded on it over six hours.