The Band

I went to see my band members. We hadn't meet for several months. We talked about ourselves, not music. I had a good time.


Condition, Karaoke

I taught my student necessary and sufficient condition. It's not easy for most of people. At first I didn't understand well. I think one of the reason is the way texts shows us is not good. But it is not all of reasons. Logic is difficult.
I ate Thai dishes with my friends at night. Good meals made me happy. Then we went to sing to Sidax. There were a lot of people, because they finished work in this year and had time to play, sing. I wonder these scenes were seen in only Japan.



I have used JP Bank for more than ten years. But I don't change my passbook. It means that I don't use the bank very much. But at last I changed the passbook and card yesterday. My card had been broken and I couldn't use it to fear if the card would be stuck. To change them, seal registration have to be changed, so I did it. I will be able to use them from now on.


Slim Club with Chiffon Cake

We went Ikebukuro and bought three chiffon cakes. They looked large, but when we start to eat them, we realized they were light and we could eat all of them. I dropped one of it by my mistake. But I ate it. Eating them, we watched M-1 grand prix, it had held for ten years and it was last this time. I was very laughed at by Slim-Club, but this year's champion was Waraimeshi.



I slept long. I didn't feel good. Let me go. I need something to change. Goal is necessary for me. I know, I do know what I need now actually. Do it.


Traffic Jam

I drove over 5 hours in traffic jam. I was so tired. I feel I haven't had enough time for myself in these days. I think my lazy work is one of the reason. Anyway, I am tired and wanna be by myself.

I took it on expressway.



Driving to my grandparent's house, I saw the sun setting. It shined and made around here and there yellow and gold.


Kick Ass

I went to Kawasaki and there watched a movie "Kick Ass". That is one of a tragedy, I thought, but it wad very exiting for me, too. Fighting was speedy, cool. Hit Girl and Big Daddy killed many many people. Opponents killed a lot violently, too. But that was not all of the movie, of course. Kick Ass, the weakest hero, in addition to say, he was no more than a NERD, made us laugh many times. I thought some scenes were too expediency. But the impression that it was made well would remain many people's mind. Check it up.


Lecture, College

I went to do lecture, after that I went to my college to take math history class. I ate at Tonikaku yesterday. I realized I wanted to eat something else more than chinese noodles now.


Lecture, Haneda.

I drove to the Haneda airport in the morning, to take my mother there. On the return way to my home, I missed to enter the way I wanted to go. So it took more time than it would take. On my way home, I checked TOEIC score I took last month. I got 790. It's not so bad but not so good. I think it's exactly just my ability. In the afternoon, I went to work. I worked again. I hadn't work for about 4 months. So I had little money now. I will make money!



I decided to manage my bookmarks. I'd like to use these among several PC and browser, for example firefox on Ubuntu, Chrome Plus on Windows 7, Safari on iOS. So I made my mind to move them to a social bookmarking service. I chose Google Bookmarks. Then, I reduced a lot of bookmarks it didn't attract me no more or was enough to be searched. As Firefox Add-on could move bookmarks on the browser to Google, I used it. But Japanese characters were broken. So I fixed them. They were about a hundred. Time had gone.



I have my new wallet now! I got it yesterday. It was given to me two thirds by my girlfriend and the rest of it from by my own. It's good. Now, I will work hard.


Utamaru Referring Utada

I listened TamaFul(standing for "Rhymster Utamaru's Weekend Shuffle"). I haven't listened it since about this summer. The program I listened picked up Utada Hikaru. Hikki sings all vocal including chorus in her song. She writes lyrics, composes, and arranged her song on her own. These are amaging quality. I am happy to listsen her music.


My Sweet Ubuntu

Ubuntu went well! I spent some money to buy several parts, but I was afraid I wonder it might be good for my purse and mind to buy windows PC made of computer maker. I felt unhappy. I said to myself, "I wanted to make PC by myself once. So it is the way I have to pass now or in the future anyway. I did the best." to calm myself down. But now, all scenes have been changed. How good Ubuntu is! How comfortable wireless keyboard and mouse is! Display is beautiful! I learned connecting Internet is the most important thing to contemporary personal computer.


Quick Time

I did little yesterday. I don't know why but time had passed when I realized.


ID Card

My ID card renewed. I felt not very good these days. I was lazy. I think that I need to keep going to bed and waking up early. I also think I need to concentrate. My brain doesn't work well again. Umm...



My PC had many problems. I dealt with them. It took me much time. I felt tired a little.


My PC Starting

AVG I ordered came from Amazon.com and I could see my PC constructed rightly. I got it. I had Ubuntu 7.04 but it was old. So I downloaded 10.10 and installed it. So good it was! Beautiful. I felt I didn't need windows any more. I also bought wireless mouse and keyboard with VGA. They were good but sometimes didn't run promptly. Further more, LAN didn't work so Internet wasn't used. I moved my machine and wired it with other LAN cable. It began to work. Good. I wanna study about Linux from now.



I went to Kameari. It was sunny day. We talked and walked but I also finished writing my diary. My stomach asked me to eat, but I could stand somehow. Then I ate bakery.



I finished reading 'Quantum Families'. It was a sad story. I wanna be happy.


Building Up My PC

It was the first time for me to build up PC. Several parts were sent to my house yesterday. A deliverer climbed up my apartment to the fourth floor holding three cardboard box! I put them together. It took more than a couple of hours to make it up. Then, I realized. "VGA wasn't there...! " I couldn't show output from computer to display. I was sorry that my money will fly away more.


Utada on Ustream

Ustream gave us a chance to watch Utada's concert yesterday. There were very many wonderful performances. It was exiting!



I will work again. My college ID card will renew. I took a photo for my new ID. I thought it was not so good.


Keep Early!

I read books. I overslept. I didn't keep early times these days. Promptly, quickly and swiftly I should do. I will start working again. Time management will be more important then.



My laptop had broken. So I decided to make my PC and bought some parts on the Internet. I don't have much money now, so I have to work. Phew. I just want a lot of time for my own.



Without Coming Home

I took a walk to Ueno talking with my girlfriend yesterday. We couldn't have Nepal meals. We ate Italian. They tasted good.


Thai Dishes

I went to my college. I submitted two reports. To borrow some books, I went to the library. I told that magnetic power of my id card became weak. So I could change the card with no charge. I went to Thai restraint at night. Delicious!



I was on the outside almost all day long yesterday. To rent the car, I sent my mother to the library where she was working. Then I got home, hanged the laundry out, and ate breakfast. I drove again, picked my up my girlfriend, strolled, and went to eat lunch. Good pasta we had. Next, we went to Shidax to sing. I went to the library to pick my mother and I visited my grandfather's home. Getting back home, I did my homework. I did. I was a little tired but not bad day. Doing promptly made my mind keep well.



I did various things yesterday. I went to math and culture history class at college. I got back books I borrowed to the library. I went to bank and moved money. I cut my hair by myself.